How to World Guard A Circle?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Spinny99, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Hello. I'm trying to World Guard a circular area on my server. I tried //sel sphere, and then tried to claim the region but it would not work. Is there another way? Thanks, Spinny!
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    You could just worldguard a square? :L
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    You can use the the //sel poly to switch to polygon selection mode.

    You can get more information on WorldGuard's wiki here. Scroll down until "Selecting polygons" header.

    I recommend getting WorldEdit CUI here it will be very helpful, especially when making selections that aren't squared.
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    Why are you posting WG a square when I clearly asked how to make a circle? Did you read the question?

    Thanks SO much imaxorz! Best Mod EVER!

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    Even though poly works fine, for future and less work, I believe //sel cyl also works.
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    When i select the stuff for cylinger and i do /region define (name) it will show an error. i cant world guard the circle...
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    Is there an updated version for WorldEdit CUI anywhere seems it does not work with client 1.7.5? Or are you changing anything to make it work?
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