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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Airwaito, Jan 30, 2015.

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    I post this message to request your help.

    In my server i want to delimit houses outlines.
    So, to do this, i use '//sel convex', because '//sel poly' selects blocks above the roof...

    But, i've a problem, when i try to register this selection to a WorldGuard region.
    (with '/region create maison_1') it says: "Please select an area first. Use WorldEdit to make a selection!".

    If you have a solution, it will be great!
    Thanks for reading.

    (Sorry if there's some spelling mistakes, i'm french... xD)
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    @Airwaito When you did //sel convex, did you select anything with the Wooden Axe?
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    I select all my points with the Wooden Axe. :)

    EDIT: When I try to do a //expand 5 down.
    It says: "0 blocks expanded". >.<
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    @Airwaito I don't think you can expand with convex selections?
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    'kay.. ^^
    So, how can I register my selection as a Worldguard's region? :eek:

    If I make a polygonal selection, there's no errors.
    But this is not the case with convex... :?
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    @Airwaito I don't think WorldGuard supports convex... But I could be wrong.
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    WorldGuard region supports only cuboid and polygonals...
    I'll check for another solution. ^^
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