Solved How to use the entry group flag in WorldGuard

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Appljuze, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Just wanted to make this thread for anyone who was trying to get the entry group flag to work with Worldguard, to prevent or allow certain groups from entering/leaving an area. Here's the exact commands...

    /region define [region]
    /region flag [region] entry deny
    /region addmember [region] g:[permission group] <-- note there is no space between the colon and group
    /region flag [region] entry g- nonmembers

    IMPORTANT: You must also add the permission node "group.[permission group]" to the group you want to add.

    Now let me explain it using an Example.

    Lets say I have a region named Stuff and a group named CoolPeople and I want to allow them access to this region. I would type...

    /region define Stuff
    /region flag Stuff entry deny
    /region addmember Stuff g:CoolPeople
    /region flag Stuff entry -g nonmembers

    Then I'd add the permission node "group.CoolPeople" to the CoolPeople group in your permissions plugin's config.

    Hope this helps anyone who was confused with this particular flag!
  2. Awesome, thanks bro!
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    Doesnt work and I did EXACTLY what this said. Just great. Wow.
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    I always though that adding additional members to a region would allow them to edit blocks inside that region. Does it simply allow them entry, but not build rights?
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    I did everything correct like you said, But I think the permission is wrong. Because nobody but me (op) can enter the region even after I gave the group the permission.
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    it's working fine for me now :D
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    I know this is an old thread, but I'm having issues with this method... instead of using entry i want to use exit. i followed your instructions but when i get to the "/rg flag -w world spawn exit -g nonmembers" i get " Region group flag for 'exit' reset to default.... not sure why.
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    Awesome worked but I want to make it so people cant walk out of spawn until they hit 'discharged' rank which is after A (PrisonMine) server but yet I still want them to access the mines in the other world (Using Multiverse) any solution to that? When I add the exit deny tag it doesn't let them get to the mines or anywhere at all from the spawn.
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    "g-" has to be "-g", in case anyone is wondering
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    Thanks!!! :)
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    Okay, will this work with building? Because I've tried giving group "trusted" both member and owner, yet they still cant build
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    Thank you! :D [gold]
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