How to stop building like on Hypixel?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AFK Games, Jun 3, 2015.

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    AFK Games

    Hello, i have a pvp server of my own and i want to make it non-buildable, i know alot of programming knowledge and the basic blockbreak/place event setting it cancelled, but its annoying when players place blocks you can still hear noises of it eg anvils, when they are placed. How would i get it so you can not target a block, like the normal cube selection round a block is not shown like on Hypixel, i would like it like that, mineplex dont seem to have this so try hypixel for an example of what im talking about and try and break a block.

    Thanks, if you dont get this please reply :)
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    Adventure mode.
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    You could set their gamemode to adventure mode.
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    World guard?
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    if you dont want to change their gamemode you can always cancel interaction event i think that will work also with the help of protocol lib you can stop the sound packets if that is the problem :- )
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