How to set a safezone

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AiM_17, Dec 22, 2011.

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    I use worldguard, but sometimes when i go onto another server their spawn says" SafeZone, free from PvP and monsters" is there a plugin that does that? Because i like my players to know that this is protected
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    Use WorldGuard region flags pvp:false and whatever the flag is to disable mob spawning - see for WG documentation,
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    I think a SafeZone is from the Factions plugin.
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    If you have world guard type
    1. For no pvp in that area type/region flag [ZoneName] pvp deny
    2. For it to say SafeZone in the area type /region flag [ZoneName] greeting [SafeZone]
    3. For no monster damage in the area type /region flag [ZoneName] mob-damage deny
    4. For no monsters spawning in area type /region flag [ZoneName] mob-spawning deny
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    Thank you :)
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    To set a safezone area like the one you mentioned, you must have the factions plugin.

    To set a safezone, you must type in /f claim safezone on the area you want the safezone to be placed at.
    To set a warzone, you must type in /f claim warzone on the area you want the warzone to be placed at.
    Hope this helped you!
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    It's the factions plugins idoits
  10. I think you just bumped a 2 year old thread..
    Also Mike1022 be nice, you wouldn't want other people calling you idiots wouldn't you?
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    Ok sorry
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