How to modify exp to level?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ComeFme, Aug 28, 2015.


How to modify experiance

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    Hello, I am currently wondering how can I edit how much exp player needs to level. What kind of method can I use? People please help me abit, thx!

    Also I created a map already, but how can I get it work?
        public void onEnable(){
            getLogger().info("MyEvents has been activated!");
            Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents((Listener) this, this);
            expLevelMap = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(1), Integer.valueOf(45));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(2), Integer.valueOf(100));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(3), Integer.valueOf(160));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(4), Integer.valueOf(230));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(5), Integer.valueOf(310));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(6), Integer.valueOf(400));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(7), Integer.valueOf(500));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(8), Integer.valueOf(600));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(9), Integer.valueOf(710));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(10), Integer.valueOf(830));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(11), Integer.valueOf(960));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(12), Integer.valueOf(1100));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(13), Integer.valueOf(1260));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(14), Integer.valueOf(1440));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(15), Integer.valueOf(1640));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(16), Integer.valueOf(1860));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(17), Integer.valueOf(2100));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(18), Integer.valueOf(2380));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(19), Integer.valueOf(2720));
            expLevelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(20), Integer.valueOf(3140));
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    What are you trying to do again? Are you trying to check for a certain amount of EXP and a certain LVL to do something?
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    I am trying to change how much exp player needs for each level. For example, it needs 17 exp to level from 1 to 2, how can I change the number 17 in this case? I just want to make it for my RPG server.
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    If you're trying to change the EXP level amount below to level up, that's possible. I'm not sure about making anything above 17 total exp to get a level from 1 - 2. There might be a packet, but I'm not sure.

    But I did find this while I was coding:

    1. player.getExpToLevel();
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    Yes, but the code there can only get the amount but not setting it. Q_Q Thanks anyway.
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