How to make your server faster.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by vivanewvegas, Dec 7, 2011.

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    That No WiFi rule is mostly wrong. Even a very bad connection will still be faster than the connection to your ISP.
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    7. Get a hamster + wheel. Bolt wheel onto the CPU and feel the power of additonal pure biological energy!

    Beyond beginnerism:
    - try to run on SSD or RAM-Disc
    - Pure brute CPU power matters! MC only uses single-cores!
    - Use Java 7.x+
    - Do regular server restarts. Minecraft clutters the RAM over time which costs CPU cycles. A restart every 24hrs is recommendable. Automation via restart scripts are helpful (cronjob on Linux)
    - use Lagmeter or Commandbook to monitor your TPS to have a idea how your server performs.
    - monitor your servers CPU utilization ("top" on linux is your best friend)
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    My specs:

    Windows xp (Stripped down to bare nothing)
    80GB Hard Drive
    10mbps upload speed
    19 plugins
    21 player slots

    and it runs with next to no lag!!!!!
    so you SERIOUSLY need to reconsider your beginning post!
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    My Specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    4GB Ram
    120GB Hard Drive
    5mbps Upload Speed
    38 Plugins
    40 Player Slots

    Little to no lag at all but I still say it could be better. I do sometimes play on the same computer as the one I'm running the server and get little to no lag. But I would agree with a lot of the recommended things said here. I wish I had another available computer that I can play on but do not.

    But with that said I still would like to know how to improve server lag by removing entities and controlling chunk loading.
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    Earlier today, My Bukkit server worked perfectly, but when it was working well, Me and my friend were playing around with some plugins, spawning too many mobs(300-800) and would do /butcher(Remove all nearby mobs) and also, killed them by hand. We were sure the get rid of all the drops. After we were finished and my friend left, the server was acting VERY slowly. No mobs were left. Random moments of lag, nothing working the way it used to be. :( I have a plugin that removes entities, I remove mobs every minute, I have anti-lag plugins, but I still get lag. I tried restarting my computer. Didn't work. Re-installing Bukkit and taking the old craftbukkit.jar to the new craftbukkit. That didn't work.

    My specs:

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-Bit
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 CPU
    RAM: 8GB
    Wired connection to router.
    61 plugins :oops:
    97GB hard drive
    20 player slots

    I would like help ASAP thank you! :) Did I forget anything? Tell me.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    I have 61 plugins when it was normal...
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Just sayin', 61 is abnormal ;)
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    even if you have 2GB on windows you can set up a sever on your home computer AND minecraft. you need to set your settings on to low for minecraft. then use craftbook++ and put the minecraft.EXE into a folder then put a windows batch file. and copy and past the code that you use to run bukkit now instand of putting craftbook.jar replace that with minecraft.exe and make sure the RAM is at around 500 or less for minecraft you will be at around 1.50GB or RAM but it won't crash as much as it would and yes i still believe that 4GB for windows is MUCH better but I'm stuck with 2GB and no backup computer
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    i call a small server like 10 people on at a time... btw i run my server through wifi 10-15 plugins and like 7 people online also playing on the pc the server is on with 4gb of ram and its runs with NO lag other than when i use logblock cause my mysql server sucks...
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    i have a laptop and 8 gigs of ram and a quad core processor. i use wifi(thats probably why it lags). would my server run faster on my laptop than others even though i use wifi? Because my cousin has a server on a netbook that has 2 gigs of ram and a single core processor and uses wifi and it barely lags. And do ghz matter? i have really low ghz. Like 1.90.

    my specs are
    windows 8 64bit
    proccesor: amd quad core
    RAM: 8gigs
    wifi connection
    19 plugins
    600 gig hard drive with 450 free
    and 20 player slots.

    i use the tla plugin(the last air bender). it starts to lag at 4 players

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    also need to have add have a good upload and download speed for your internet about 2MB upload to 25MB download
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