How to make Survival Games auto announce games?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by theonlymongi, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Hey there
    I have seen many servers auto announce like the following globally for everyone who is logged in:

    [Broadcast] Arena 5 is now open!
    [Broadcast] Arena 5 is now starting in 5!
    [Broadcast] Arena 5 is now starting in 4!
    [Broadcast] Arena 5 is now starting in 3!
    [Broadcast] Arena 5 is now starting in 2!

    And so on...

    I have confirmed these servers are using the same plugin as me. Survival Games by double negative (

    I have posted on their thread several times asking exactly to do these automated broadcasts with no response.

    Please, I would really appreciate some help with this. If anyone found the answer to this I would happily donate some $ to them for their efforts.
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    You can probably do something with variable triggers or redstone. :)
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    Explain further if you could?
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    I think its probably custom strings or command helper
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    The servers that have this have edited the plugin. We might add this though
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    Well, if you, or anyone could edit the plugin to make it to this for me, I would happily donate $10 for your efforts.

    Nobody know how? :(

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