Question How To Make kits And Use it for certain world?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CamManCraft, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Hello, I was just making a new kit for factions but when I started up my server and done /kit factions
    It said a error message. Can You Help Me Make a kit without any problems.

    Also, I want non-ops to have permission to use that certain kit for a certain World...
    I was thinking of doing this:
    /pex add <group> essentials.kit.<kit-name> <WorldName>

    /\ /\ /\
    Will That Command Work?

    Thank you,

    Bump - Also I want it where you can only use the kit once.

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    1.please do not bump on the same day and do not double post please use the edit button
    2. what is the error message saying always if there is an error message post it in the thread
    3. not good with pex so cant help you with that but thats how it is with groupmanager
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    /pex add <group> essentials.kit.<kit-name> <WorldName>, This command should work, and about the kits, just check around for some typos, 1 typo will break the kit.
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