How to make ip a website?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by knight91108, Jan 26, 2012.

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    How to you make server IP a website adress, example. instead sorry for bad english i am russian
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    You need to own the website and point a dns to your minecraft ip
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    1. Go to
    2. Register and Login.
    3. Go to hosts/redirects Tab.
    4. Click 'Add a host'.
    5. Put in your IP website address, in Hostname.
    6. Click 'Create Host'
    7. Then download the 'no-ip client'. If you cant find how to download it go here:
    8. Install it. Very lightweight and 100% virus free and installs in seconds.
    9. Log in the No IP client.
    10. Click on 'select hosts'
    11. Select your IP website address.
    12. Your done! you don't need to do anything it automatically connects to your server. Don't put the address ip in the config. Leave everything alone it connects automatically.

    This may look very hard but it's simple and can be completed in less then 5 minutes. Trust me. It's worth it.
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    I have that done too: :D
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