Plugin Help How To make Donator Only Areas?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by jebusfathead, Mar 2, 2015.

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    I need to make a donator only shop, and I know I could just create a warp there but I also know that people can make it so that only certain ranks can pass through to the shop. I just wanted to know if anybody knows a plugin that does this, or if it's something like world guard could you give me the command so I know what I'm doing.
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    /rg flag <region> entry deny

    /rg addmember <region> g:<groupname>


    And you can disable /tpaccept in that area also, with the command :
    /rg flag <region> blocked-cmds /types,/tpaccept,/tpahere
    so they cannot TP anyone there =)
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    Ok thanks
  4. First post on bukkit:
    Just wanted to make this thread for anyone who was trying to get the entry group flag to work with Worldguard, to prevent or allow certain groups from entering/leaving an area. Here's the exact commands...

    /region define [region]
    /region flag [region] entry deny
    /region addmember [region] g:[permission group] <-- note there is no space between the colon and group
    /region flag [region] entry g- nonmembers

    IMPORTANT: You must also add the permission node "group.[permission group]" to the group you want to add.

    Now let me explain it using an Example.

    Lets say I have a region named Stuff and a group named CoolPeople and I want to allow them access to this region. I would type...

    /region define Stuff
    /region flag Stuff entry deny
    /region addmember Stuff g:CoolPeople
    /region flag Stuff entry -g nonmembers
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