How to make a plugin reload command

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by sammyg7241, May 19, 2015.

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    Hi, I am wondering if anybody knows how to make a reload command to reload the config file. Thanks!
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    This is the reload syntax. Put that inside a block { } or a method
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  3. Save your config and than load it again.
    Or just load it again.
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    This doesn't seem to work.
  5. @sammyg7241
    It isn't as easy as just reloading the config, you're gonna have to do most of the loading you did in your onEnable method, also make sure you call JavaPlugin#reloadConfig()
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    A reload can mean different things in different plugins. For the most part you should just have to re-load your configuration from the file system and then recache any cached variables that you've stored in memory.

    Also, I don't see any benefit to saving right after loading from the filesystem, it serves no purpose other than taking a long time and burning CPU saving to the disk.
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    @RingOfStormsA reload can mean different things in different plugins, but he just wants to reload config file.
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    @sammyg7241 Can you show me a snippet of code you are using to handle your configs?

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  8. @Koobaczech No let me tell you what you're doing. reloadConfig() takes the data in the configuration file from the disk. saveConfig() takes the configuration data in the memory, and then writes it to the file. Saving it after just loading it is basically copying the file and pasting it over itself - it is simply impossible for the configuration in memory to be different, except in the case that the user managed to make some changes to the file in the milliseconds between method calls. And if they did manage that, then congratulations, you've just eliminated their changes :p

    @RingOfStorms has this right. There's literally no reason to save a config after reloading it.
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    I always use reloadConfig();
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    Wow!!! Im absolutely perplexed as how i never saw that. Thank you so much
  11. saveConfig() works for me :p
  12. Nice one, use reloadConfig();
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  13. No..
  14. hahaha good luck using "saveConfig()" for reload the config :)
  15. Thanks :)
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    Save the config then reload it.
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    That does exactly the opposite of what "reload" is for. You use a reload command in order to reload new settings frmo the disk, if you save before loading then you've overwritten all the user's changes. Saving should be held in its own command.
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    oh oops :p. I wrote that without checking my plugin. You're right! Haha
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