How to make a Plugin??? :D

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Spears, Jan 14, 2011.

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    things like the xRay Mod, TooManyItems, and what not. Basically mods only you can see if you've installed them.
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    A client side mod is a mod that alters the client, i.e. the actual game itself. Examples of these mods can be found in the minecraft forums.
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    So, how can I do a plugin that is like a client side mod so I can put NPC's in the game and also add new items?
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    You can already add NPCs into the game with a server mod, but don't ask me how. As for adding new items with a client mod, this is a forum about multiplayer mods/plugins, so I doubt anyone would know. There are people who have done it, though (without bukkit), such as SDK.
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    What server mod?
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    I meant that it's possible to make a server mod that adds NPCs
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    I wish programing was easier all I want to do is add police NPC´s to one of my plugins that is in development.

    P.S.: If someone has something that could help me, please tell me.
  8. Thats extremely hard *facepalm*
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    Well it's not my fault I don't know the code.
  10. I know its not your fault. where did i say that?
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    Isn't facepalm a sign of being sarcastic?
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    Aint using Java Script to make plugins, u use Java....
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