Solved How to make a donation system?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PapiDimmi, Mar 6, 2013.

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    How to make a simple donation pay-for-perks system?
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    Maybe try BuyCraft.
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    Do you want one managed or unmanaged? Buycraft is a good unmanaged system. They buy a donation, and the buycraft plugin automatically promotes them. I do managed, I get the email from paypal saying they donated then I console in and promote the player from my phone. I also keep track on a spreadsheet on who donated, how much, and when. Some people actually bought donation credits for others. This way I keep track of IGN's and the emails attached to the donation.
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    I'll use BuyCraft.

    But what's best? Managed or unmanaged?
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    Well, if you don't want to do everything manually, it's best to use a system like Buycraft.
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    Do I need to pay for BuyCraft?

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    You can but it's not required
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    I prefer enjin tho
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    No offense, but why don't you do some of your own research?
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    It says btw that I get downgraded March 9th
    I did. I searched long on Google for "bukkit how to make a donation system", "minecraft how to make donate system" and stuff :eek:
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    Yep, You get extra features for paying but it's not completely necessary. I use it without paying and it works just fine.

    Here is a little more info
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    It's no point in making a pay-for-perks system now that Mojang banned paying for perks in Minecraft servers. Sucks, really.
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    Well, the perks can be cosmetic and even be ranks with custom colors...but what is really no point is replying to a thread that's been dead for over a year and a half. :D
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    Sorry for bringing up such an old thread, but I just felt like I had to say it.

    Do you mean that people can pay for ranks with colours and tags and different commands (like /fly, /vanish, etc.), but not blocks and items like Diamond Swords and Dirt?
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    I didn't say anything about access to commands. /fly is obviously NOT cosmetic and can drastically affect gameplay.

    A rank can have zero additional permissions and have the ability to use a custom prefix/suffix and even color to the players name.

    Don't automatically associate "rank" with special abilities. That is completely up to the person setting up the permissions.

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