How to make a custom player head into a custom item

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Nonononoono, Jan 6, 2021.

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    Hello! I was working on making a custom item for a small test plugin I was making and I ran into a road block. I had made a custom item, but I wanted to set the item itself as a custom player head. How would I do this? (I don't mean as in a command that will give me a custom player head, I mean this as in making a custom item as a custom player head so that I can store information such as lore, name and other properties.)
    I am using the 1.15.2 api
    Please let me know, thank you!
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    Late reply but this is how if your still in need, and for anyone who finds this.

    Credits to: Spigot - SkullMeta with custom skin in (GUI) 1.14.4 | Answer by Nowaha
    Although i think i remember reading somewhere that it downloads the skin from online or something like that, and it does it sync , so you may want to keep that in mind
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    Thank you!

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