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    Hi I do video to how intall minecraft server-bukkit
    im learn english english dont good :(

    *link removed*
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    Thanks for making a video ... but this is not very good if I'm honest. Your typing is slow and I got bored after 3 mins xD you should have prepared the text before starting the record. Also you should give a download link that is always up to date (like the forum post for "how to get bukkit/craftbukkit"). It is a 14 mins video of how to download a file and double-click it. The router settings are different from model to model so how to setup YOUR router is not very helpful. And why do you set your LAN-IP in the

    weird video..
    I havn't downloaded the files yet. But with your "pllzzz download the files" it sounds like a virus to me xD

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    Dude realy its not a virus you can check this!
    i only want you download this and i will make money :)
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    money? hahahaahaaa :D look for a job or make a better video
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    Sorry, but I don't agree with profiting off our traffic. Link removed and thread closed.

    Keep doing this and you'll be banned, as this is considered spamming.
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