How to get the open chest position ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DevilDeath, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Hello, how are you guys :) please can you help me to get coding for get the open chest position
    Like this :
    i need if player interact to ender chest get this position and after 1 min get close :D
    Thanks for all member and staff of bukkit
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    The way you can do this is listen for the PlayerInteractEvent, and check if it is RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK, then check if its an enderchest. But i dont really get the other stuff of your question...
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    @Lordloss Yes, I know this but i need if player RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK and this block is enderchest get this position
    Another example:
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    I've taken a huge break from coding so I apologise if I screw up here but, you'd need to check if a player opens an enderchest. If they do, cancel the event (event.cancelEvent(); I think) and set the enderchest to an open position- this should be an item ID.
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    if block is an enderchest
    do magic things
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