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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Rellac, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Ok, so I've been running my server for a while now, all on my billy lonesome, but I'm soon to be moving home and starting university. Obviously, this will be a hectic time for me for a good few weeks if not months.

    The thing is, I'd be more than happy to have the server run while I'm away, but there are a million things out there to destroy my server and I'll need someone to watch it while I'm away.

    But my pickle is that I don't know how to find someone I can really trust with the server. Whenever I think I've found someone trustworthy, it turns out they want some MAJOR changes the server (usually involving turning it into yet another survival server) or they're just rather derpy when it comes to technical things such as the coding required for running a server.

    I've had no problems finding moderators, because they're not that big a deal when they end up crappy, but an Admin can destroy my server, and with me being gone so long, I wont be able to install a backup for a long time. And giving someone access to the console is a really big deal. I don't want them changing passwords and in general causing me major inconveiences.

    Of course I'm not going to select the server idiot to run my server, but I don't know who I can really let loose on the server.

    So yeah, my question is - how do YOU go about selecting another Admin in times of need? I don't really have too much time as I'd like to teach them the art of server adminitration before I leave next month.

    The reason I've left it until there's no time left is because I DID have another admin, but I had to get rid of him.
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    Honestly it has to be someone you know and trust (and NO ONE from the internet is trustworthy imo), i have 1 friend i would allow to help admin my server (i wouldn't even trust my brother, but thats just because he wouldn't know what to do)

    the best thing to do is look to see if they have ever run a server before and get to know them, ake them a mod first and watch them heavily, slowly give the other person(s) more permissions to admin commands but watch it carefully. When it seems they can be trusted, give them the access they need to admin the server which might include giving access to the server remotely

    after running server for about a year i have yet to find one person i would trust with adminship over the server while i was away, just make sure that you don't get involved doing moderator things as you have mods for that reason

    when i cannot be around i just let the server run, as long as you have an automated way of creating backups if anything happens while you are away, just go back as far as you need (i do backups every hour and keep 28 days worth at a time), realistically so long as you have the server setup good from the get go, you can leave it unattended for a week or 2. The server that my friend started (that i am now THE admin) was running fine over a month after he stopped looking at it until i took over

    another thought is make a test server that they can play around in that you can also tell the person to install plugins, change configurations, etc and see how they do, if poorly don't choose them, if good then you might have a person to help you
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    My main issue is that I (on rare occasion - but once over this period of time would be terrible) will have a random server crash. If I'm not here, no one will be able to fix a crash.

    And as I said, I'm short on time. I have one person I've trusted for moderator rank, but he doesn't even want Admin rank. He is willing to use the console in an emergency, but would rather I look for someone else. Fair play, I say, so here I am. In my pickle.
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    I know how you feel @Rellac ...I do. I was an owner for 7 months before finally letting go of the reigns of ownership because I couldn't handle babysitting the damn thing every minute of every day all by myself. I opted for one my mods/admins to become an owner (rather adopt it)...and he keeps it covered well, but like you on the technical aspect...anyone that has never fiddled with the backend will never be able to jump in straight up and be able to handle the reigns.

    Although I still admin it and have backend access to keep things running (fiddle with plugins, update, etc) but I don't babysit it like I used to. Which is my spare time now I can get school work done (college after many years of full time work) and the like but I occasionally help out other servers adminning from time to time, keeping an eye on things which I don't find it to be too hard as long as its not a Solo endeavor.

    I was worried about settings/map etc but I realized...if I keep a backup off-site of the server every 2nd day or every week...depending on how things go, the settings files stay relatively untouched and the map just needs constant backup...there's nothing even an admin/op can do to really fudge it with a full 'settings' backup and then the regular map backups. I also set my reboots to be every 4-6 hours to help make sure there aren't random crashes (helps but not sure-fire). If you need any help at all...feel free to message me.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    Start with gathering a large moderator staff. Choose moderators from competent players who also show a desire to take time out of playing to help others (whether helping directly or by banning users who cause problems). Out of that group, you'll start to notice some of them are better at the helping aspect than others, and show abilities in coding or server management. Then, you give them some access. \o/
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    I look at how long someones been on my server they need to have played at least 3 months.
    I then look and see if they donated (donations lessen the chance that they want to go mess crap up)
    Then I see how much they help other players, without me prompting them to.
    Now on to the technical, basics like worldguard worldedit etc.

    If they can pass all that then I will talk to them about being a admin.

    Of all my admins only one other person has full SSH
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    Thanks alot guys, managed to find myself a good "babysitter" :)

    Just something real quick: Give admins OP? Yes? No? Or save that for the full SSH access admins?
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    Depends on your needs and what they need to do, if they need access to everything give them OP, '*' permissions (ie everything), and SSH access

    though if they only need to administrate certain things, just give them the access they need
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    Only thing I would add: If you give people the power to stop your server, make sure they have the power to restart it. I've seen more than 1 person accidently shut down a server with /stop and be unable to fix it until the "real guy woke up" 7 hours later.
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    Exactly why I ask. ;)
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    Since all the competent people are either not interested in Minecraft or are running their own servers already I think you have to go with a derpy one.

    Or you pick one of your competent real life friends, get him hooked into minecraft and make him admin.
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    Dont looka round on the internet for one. get a super-trusted mod on your server. make sure they have knowlege on servers or get a mate to do it. you CAN trust them
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