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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Astrocraft25, Feb 17, 2015.

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    I need to disable worldedit so I can create portals with /mvp wand rather //wand
    I cannot do that without disabling worldedit but I do not want to remove it completely.. help!
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    there are plugins out there that will upon command disable and enable certain plugins. Though they may all be outdated. Another possibility is deopping yourself through the console and giving you a rank which has permissions for /mvp wand without W/E commands. Then once you do what you need to, re-op yourself.
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    rename your jar file to worldedit.jar.disable
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    @Astrocraft25 If it's just the wand that's getting in the way, you can disable that with //toggleeditwand
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    this is why.

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    @Astrocraft25 So, if the WorldEdit wand isn't working to create the portal, then you will probably have to temporarily disable WorldEdit entirely. You mentioned in the OP that you didn't want to remove WorldEdit, but judging by the way that this other plugin works, it will continue to try and use the WorldEdit wand as long as WorldEdit is loaded on that server. You can try renaming the WorldEdit.jar to WorldEdit.jar.dis temporarily then reload the server. Create your portals, then rename from WorldEdit.jar.dis back to WorldEdit.jar. If all goes well then everything should work fine.
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