Plugin Help How to disable unlimited plots for OPs in PlotSquared

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by UNC00KED, Oct 11, 2015.

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    The title pretty much says it all. How do I disable OPs on my server having the ability to claim an unlimited amount of plots. Have tried giving their group a permission of

    - plots.plot.2

    and it won't work. Then I tried defining two permissions in their world group (using GroupManager by the way) which were:

    - -plots.plot.*
    - plots.plot.2

    and it still didn't work. Would appreciate any help as I assume that somebody has ran into this issue before and solved it. Thanks!
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    ops overrules ALL permission based settings.

    The only way is to remove ops, and grant permissions for all specific op-features you want tthem to have.
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    I half agree with you. In essence, yes, that is what ops do, they overrule all permission based settings. But that does not mean you can't negate permissions for them. For example, in my worlds where I allow kits, I make sure to give everyone

    - -essentials.kit.exemptdelay

    to make sure that nobody is exempted from the kit delay feature. So the question becomes, what permission do I have to negate to not allow OPs to have unlimited plots?
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    something like - somepermission.thatallows.moreplots.#number then under it negate it with a .* instead of .#number which should only allow them a set number of plots
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