How to can I set a block as an helmet but keep an iron helmet on too.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by VinexAx789, Jun 19, 2015.

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    How to can I set a block as an helmet but keep an iron helmet on too.

    I've seen this on other servers they have this command it does this when they do: /hats off the blocks off there heads disappear only for the player that enter the command when the hats are off the players have helmets now they are different due to the kits but when they do /hats on the blocks go over the helmets so it's a block in a helmet with the same armor bars with for an example say I have full iron armor and I have a Wooden Plank on my head it wouldn't take off my iron helmet they would both be on each other but when you open the inv you see the block on your head when you do /hats off the block is gone and shows your helmet when you do /hats on it goes back to the block this is 100% possible so please help me out :)
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    If the "other servers" are Hypixel (Warlords), they are doing some trickery to swap out your skin, using the accessory layer to paint on armor.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure- you might be able to get a similar effect with mounting marker-tagged armor stands on the player's head, maybe.
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    No this server had like 300 people that's it it's not a texture pack.
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    @VinexAx789 It can be a resource pack, or just packet magic, I guess you can fake the player that they have now a block in their head (even though they still have a helmet), not sure if that will work good with the bars though
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    @Konato_K again it's not a resource pack I've played the server since 1.6 and it's never had the option of the resource pack. The owner coded it some how they had a block was a iron helmet but it displayed a block.
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    @VinexAx789 because resource/texture packs did not exist in 1.6

    Either way, have you tried with packets then?
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    @Konato_K What I ment about the 1.6 thing dude is that the server ended in 1.8 which from 1.6 - 1.8 there was no pack.

    And I'm not really good at packets
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    I never said anything about a texture pack.
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    i think he's not english :\
    his english is confuse
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    @Reynergodoy This doesn't help don't post on my post anymore.
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    What I was trying to say in my post earlier...

    The way that Hypixel (or maybe it's WynnCraft?) does this is basically:

    1. Get your skin texture from your player profile, via Mojang API
    2. Add a helmet onto the accessory layer of your skin.
    3. Upload this new combined texture to one of their many extra accounts
    4. Get the resulting game profile
    5. Use some packet fakery to send this game profile to all players as if it were your profile

    Thusly your player looks like they are wearing something but they are not.

    I don't know if this is what you're seeing, it'd definitely help if you could link to the server, provide some screenshots, or at least avoid being rude to the people trying to help :)

    Reynergodoy was only trying to suggest that we may have a language barrier here. If we don't, then you basically just flat-out ignored my previous response. ;)
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    My guess it they're either double sending packets or some other magic to all the players around you to make it seem like you have both on, or they're using a retextured falling sand entity and simply allowing it to ride your player perhaps with an offset to make it appear as though it's on your head.
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