Solved How to block permissions to certain world?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hidend, May 4, 2014.

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    I have a problem, i have 2 worlds with MultiWorld, Skyblock and BuiltMyThing, and the main lobby is in server, i want to in main lobby, i go to Skyblock Lobby, and in Skyblock lobby i have all commands of Skyblock, but in main lobby, i don't have commands of skyblock, same with BMT, i use PexPermissions but i don't know what to do...

    This is like i want...

    Main Lobby (No Skyblock Commands) -> TP to Skyblock Lobby -> Skyblock Lobby (All and only Skyblock commands)

    Sorry for my english :(
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    Most permission plugins have per world permissions. Depending on what you use, take a look at the wiki/perm file reference and try doing that
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    Now when i think i found the solve, the ranks don't work, if anyone can find the error please...
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    yea. PermissionsEX correct? Well I fixed your permissions file for you:

    Can't garentee it will work but hopefully it does.

    Infinite Forge tekkit server.
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    Will try.

    Tried and not work, i don't know why but users of Pex with that don't load... :( still need help


    Error in console with code off MaizeHorizon0:

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    I fixed the syntax errors MaizeHorizon0's post but haven't went over it otherwise, still no guarantee it will work the way you want it to (but at least PEX should be able to load).
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    Work, Thanks to MaizeHorizon0 and Froast Froast check inbox please :D
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