How to block my code that nobody can see it

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ProStriker123, Jun 11, 2014.

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    If i am codeing something and i dont want from nobody to see my code how can i block from any plugin edit or something else please help me
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    ProStriker123 This is known as obfuscating. The idea is that no body will 'see' your code, but I do not recommend it as if you want to upload it to Bukkit, it may take a lot longer for it to be approved and it may even be rejected due to this fact.

    The most preferred method would be to put a license on your plugin, which is done when you create your plugin page on BukkitDev.
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    @DJSkepter well i know that the plugin will be uploaded in bukkit will not be approved but i want to hide my code cause the plugins that i made for my friends or someone else i dont want from them to see my code the may use it
    so if you have any idea how to hide it with any code its will be perfect
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    ProStriker123 if you are giving them the jar, then no matter what you do, its always possible to view your code. Why do you need to hide the plugin code from your friends, though? What's hidden in there that you don't want them to see?
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    You can't protect any code in any programming language :<
    And more bad news:
    In java it's always much easier to decompile code than in c++ or other no-VM languages.
    So you can use programs like ProGuard and use obfuscating... and shrinking and optimizing. If you be lucky (totaly random for me... sometimes my method (one or more) it's impossible to decompile using JD-GUI)... then some decompilers like super popular JD-GUI will throw some errors on decompile :p But there are many others, much better decompilers than JD-GUI.
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

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