Plugin Help How to avoid afk machine?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by deluxghost, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Hi dude, i was finding some plugins can avoid afk machine recently. On my server, some player use afk machine and do nothing useful.
    I found the afkTerminator could be the best choice, but it doesnt work on my server, it throw a exception and has no effect.
    Maybe i should make such a plugin myself? I have written severals plugins, but i dont know how to avoid afk machine.
    Plz help me, THX.
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    You could start by mentioning what an afk machine is, as you aren't very clear.
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    An AFK machine is usually a flow of water in some sort where it circulates so you carry on moving and don't get kicked for idling.

    Here's an example:
  4. @17xDillz1997 Easier ones than that, just make a line with a fence in the floor at the end with water flowing.

    @deluxghost If the player is in water for more than 10 minutes or something kick them.
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    @bwfcwalshy What if they're swimming in an ocean or something? I'm sure there's some better way...
  6. @nverdier Yeah but they should use a boat :p

    No idea if there's really a better way.
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    @bwfcwalshy True, true. Well if there is a better way, then I assume it'd be super technical :p. But hacked clients could get around this for sure... I don't really know a lot about that though.
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    @17xDillz1997 @bwfcwalshy @nverdier
    I know this kind of afk machine, but as I know, there are many ways to make an afk machine.
    Like swimming, riding pig or horse, fishing, riding a minecart, and so on, even some of them can give a player many many exp and items.
    I think avoid all of this kind of partten is so hard.
    Maybe ask players a captcha every 10 minutes is a useful suggestion?
  9. @deluxghost That will just get annoying for the players who just like to play for hours.
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    There could be a way to possibly recognise a player in a certain chunk for X amount of minutes using factions API. It's pretty hard to prevent this.

    Then again, this isn't accurate as they may actually be playing in that area.
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    @17xDillz1997 But they could also make an afk pool that goes cross-chunk :p
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