Question How To Advertise A Bukkit Plugin (The not annoying way)

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by bdubz4552, Jan 29, 2015.

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    Yes, I have come with the question of "How can I advertise my Bukkit plugin without being that annoying dick that spams comments". I want my plugin to grow quickly, and I don't think people just by luck searching a similar name and happening to want to use it is going to do much for growth. I was thinking a YouTube video would be a good start, but if anyone knows of any other places I could go to in order to bring some attention to it, I (and anyone else who's looking for a way to advertise, really) would appreciate if you would let me know. Thanks!
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    @bdubz4552 You could just be active on the forums and have a link in your signature...
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    @nverdier But that would as you say require me to be active on the forums. Which I don't really do or want to do. Sorry but not that interested, especially after Bukkit has kinda died.
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    - You can post the link on your website (If you have).
    - You can post it in your skype status (If you have).
    - Search to bukkit threads that needs a plugin like you have. And post the link.
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    @bdubz4552 I see. But the forums are still very active even after the DMCA happened.
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