Question How To Add Kit permission for group manager

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by thelaws98, Jan 31, 2016.

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    hey i have a few problem here...
    well i got some group such as the default (guest ) , member , advancedmember , donor , and some staff rank which we dont need to care about.....
    the problem is.... i m running 1.7.10 bukkit server....
    i tried /mangaddp default essentials.kit.welcome
    it said added... but i deop my self and move to that group...
    i try use /kit welcome
    it said i cant acess to the command.....
    how to fix this?
    i also try /mangaddp default essentials.kits.welcome
    also cannot....
    any fix for this?
    currently using essentials group manager and kit adder plug in
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    @thelaws98 There are permissions for each kit, and then there is a permission for the /kit command itself. Give 'default' the 'essentials.kit' permission.
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    Also the permission for an actual kit is essentials.kits.<kitname>, not essentials.kit.<kitname>.
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