How strong does a VPS need to be?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by izver, Sep 14, 2011.

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    450 a month lol... You could buy a dedicated server for that that could easily run a 200 slot server.

    1 GB / for every 10 players is fine. Just make sure the CPU is fast enough. With 1 core. Since its not multithreaded.
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    PlugPayPlay are epic i pay 17.85 pounds a month, this ones recmmended upto 35 players with no lag. i normaly have around 15 active players a time it has 1.5GB of RAM Never had Lag

    also unlimited storage and traffic

    and £9 of it is to get McMyAdmin :)

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    Minecraft's server client doesn't run on multicores.
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    I clearly stated in the end of my first paragraph that they do have good performance... but I; personally speaking, have mostly heard of them only for viral protection; key word being "mostly". Yes it does come down to the hardware also; like I stated. But in reality if you are gonna be running a server on a connection that only has 10kbps then you probably wont even require 1-2gigs of ram to manage activity due to the massive delay in data transferring, and yes java transfers via data sockets so you will obviously experience lag shocks, but no effect on the computer. Also, consider the fact that most of these Hosts are kids, Linux; as great as it is, wouldn't even last them or be appropriate for the usage since most people are only running server for 10-20 people AND/OR not for a period of 24/7.
    I guess you assumed I was attempting to contradict the fact that Linux is a good system? If you have Linux, then gratz, you're set to run a server. I just placed both attributes that need to be noticed when making a server, in plain sight. Roflz.
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    I'm with Hostpolar on a 6GB RAM VPS. It handles ~40 fine.
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    If that was really the case then why are people still forking out hundreds per month for i7 - 12gb+ ram boxes? Oh, because your story's bullshit.

    You're paying $240 / month for a $150 / month server. They'll be laughing all the way to the bank.
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    Hundreds you say? Sounds like I should rent my computer out...

    Also, love your lack of understanding how to tune Java VM Orcworm. Maybe you should learn a little bit about the different options you have available before you go around saying people are bullshit?
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    Where did I say that I was personally renting a dedicated box? I have a VPS - I was just stating their options for dedicated hardware. $240 is higher end for them anyways, they have cheaper options. I would appreciate it if you could level up your reading comprehension a bit...makes posting here just a little bit less painful.
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    It's all...

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    2 Question:

    1: Someone said you " if you use proper server config instead of the default everyone " So what is a proper server config?

    2: I get confused because so many state that have system Y with X stats on host Z such as "Hostpolar on a 6GB RAM VPS" I go to that site and thier top level, level 9, VPS has this


    why do all these "my server runs X concurrent users on my system specs with no lag" seem to show configuration that do not exist without special request. Are they requesting anything else special?

    I ask because so far everything I have tried seems to start to lag around 10-12 people, especially when they think they need to burn nether rock every other space, and no matter how many people are on I get a quick lag spike when someone logs on or off while the server gives "I cant keep up message".
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    Seems a bit of conflicting beliefs.
    *It is true that there is an appropriate set of setting for all different server styles. One of the main issues I see is that people OP some players while idiotically having permissions set for them. Once you OP someone it is basically like setting the all mighty "*" on the perm file. Which creates some of conflicting errors, especially if you are too program illiterate and downloaded a plugin for essentials and/or permissions. Which generates double to triple file scanning, in which case it takes longer to load perms/reload server/updates perms (in-game)/conflicts with Rank based plugins/etc. If you don't believe me, review your console and see how many perms folders need to be viewed when you turn on or reload perms. I would revise text files to set a designated location for the real Perm file.
    *Some other issues include spamming '#' for comments, although the line gets ignored, it has to go down the entire list. As a solution for the kids spamming comment notes all over the text files, some coders have edited text files so when txt file is edited all '#' notes will be removed at exit to solve this issue.
    *Another issue people who download plugins; such as LFT to protect from Lava/Fire/TNT, put dual arguments that basically would be something like... 'essentials.item.lava' (for a class/rank) and then on LFT the main code has something like 'Deny-lava-placing= True' (For this rank) or 'Deny-lava-spawn= True'; or in WorldGuard you will see something like: [.lava.]; deny-placing= true; exceptions = (ranks); on-place: notify, deny. And trust me, I see this a lot; although it is true that the code will be read through either way, there is delay between each plugin it has to go through. Basically like a check list. Another example would be Multi-Verse; for it to work properly you need to let FULL permission to their own text files, and disable the Server/WorldGuard setting for mobs/animals/weather. There are many more examples but I've spammed enough.

    In a summary: Conflicting arguments create delay... especially when you have 10+ plugins.

    And someone said running an MC server is easy *Roflz*
    Running Gunz server is easier... Lmao.

    But really, this is why I tell people to get a coder for their server, in many occasions the host is the main one fucking things up. AND BEFORE ANYONE DROPS A BOMB ON ME: This is just common sense, if you are one of the smart guys not messing with the code so much you will be fine, there is a reason why each plugin/server comes with a massive WiKi file you know. If you don't do this: IT SHOULD NOT BE A SOURCE OF PERFORMANCE ON YOUR SERVER. Read the FAQ's and WiKi's please guys.

    If my info is wrong or misguiding, sorry; using this info from my own personal experience :<
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    I know :O Never said it did. But for that money you can easily get your self a i7 2600k with 32 GB ram and a very fast SSD. And have the i7 2600k overclocked to 4.5 Ghz. That set up can run a 200 people server for sure.

    Sure it'll only use 1 of the 4.5 Ghz cores. But that is the fastest you can get nowadays so yea. 450 / month could easily get you a dedicated server like this.
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    Thanks that made much more sense then many of the thread I have read that state something as fact but never explain any further.
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    As many mentioned already VPS wont cover the neccessary 45~50 players you intend to have on your server, you will need a dedicated server solution. However price wise you can sometimes find cheaper dedicated solutions than VPS (if you don't go for managed solutions).

    Honestly everyone here can definely agree since minecraft uses java your going to be eating resources like crazy so i would say go with a solution of 4gb of ram or more depending on how many plugins you use , might need more if your running other stuff on the server (like some web interface for your mc or mapping mods that map your current map for players to a web interface).

    But besides the ram which isn't always the main reason to slowdown (can also be due to disk paging or swapping), you should checkout if the server has some kind of RAID system (minecraft uses quite a bit of I/O and if the server has a slow HD or no raid you can experience chunks not loading fast enough etc.)

    Lastly keep in mind of your bandwidth, most dedicated servers will give 10Mbps/100Mbps maybe even 1000Mbps for the most part unless your running mods that actively broadcasts music to people in mc you should be ok with any of the above (would avoid 10Mbps if possible though because you probably be taxing your max bandwidth).

    Also one note SSD maybe awesome for the server but expect them to have a shorter life span if you use it for minecraft (I think that was what brohosters used before and they some how were able to run vps at 128mb for 3-4 players, granted they went under maybe for that reason ^^; )

    If anything is BS or wrong please do catch me on it, hoping this helps good luck :D.

    Check too for good offers on dedicated and vps solutions, I found some good ones there =). (granted my mc server is mainly just private so i got a good vps for 7$ a month for 2gb lol)

    PS: one more thing go linux if you can, if you go windows you will need more ram since your OS will be eatting more. Never too late to learn linux anyways most server services run in linux anyways =P
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    No one pointed out the difference between Xen and OpenVZ.

    Low end OpenVZ servers tend to be over sold. The ram allocated to your VM can actually be used by any other VM. The burst ram comes from other clients that arnt using their ram. There is a software layer between your VM and ram.

    Xen platform registers the ram to your VM and its never touched by any other person on that server. offset 0x##-0x## are yours and protected.
    I have had the same VPS package on OpenVZ & Xen. The Xen always performed better.

    As for dedicated, you can get unmanaged 2core/1gb/80gb+ for $80 all day. Browse WHT for a few weeks and you can get some great deals. VPS you can get quality Xen 2GB for $30 allover the US.
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    If i was you, i had been hosting an server with get-sourced... See links in my signature. The best prices for hosting! (they are an no-porfit company :O )
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    I don't know why you would necro a 4 month old thread just to advertise a server company. I will be locking this thread now.
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