How spawn players randomly around a specific point

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by webbhead, Sep 15, 2015.

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    The title really says it all.... I am making a mini game and what the players to spawn in a random spawn around the Arenas spawn (I want to make it a 10x10 area they can spawn in) also I would like to know how to do it safely.
  2. Get the lowest corner Then do x += random.nextInt(10); (and the same for y and z) to get your random location
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    Im not using WorldEditAPI and im not using corners

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    No need. Random is apart of the Java "API". If you need more help, this is the exact math for what you want

    X value = random.nextInt(max distance*2)-maxDistance;

    This will give you the range (negitive max Distance) to (Max Distance). Then add this X value to that of your center point (e.g. If maxDistance = 10, then 500 + X will return between 490 and 510)
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    Try with this method
        public static Location generateRandomLocationAround(Location l, int maxdistance) {
            Random rnd = new Random();
            int x = rnd.nextInt(maxdistance);
            int z = rnd.nextInt(maxdistance);
            boolean negativex = rnd.nextBoolean();
            boolean negativez = rnd.nextBoolean();
            if (negativex) {
                x = x*-1;
            if (negativez) {
                x = x*-1;
            return l;
    It returns a random location around the location that you specified, with a max radious. (Untested, may not work)
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    This will not work because you are generating coordinates out from your max distance instead of adding the random distance to the current coordinate. Also a negative coordinate is the opposite of a positive coordinate meaning that it can be thousands of blocks away depending on how high your current coordinates are. Also you are spoonfeeding.

    @webbhead, I'm not going to spoonfeed but I'll give you a couple of steps to follow.

    1. Find your lowest corner coordinate and store it
    2. Use a max distance with Random (
    3. Add your generated distances to your current coordinates
    4. Teleport the player

    Random example:
    Random rand = new Random();
    int  distance = rand.nextInt(50);
    //This will generate a distance from 0 to 50, and adding
    //this to the current x/y coordinate will make your
    //player move up to 50 blocks.
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