how old is your world?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bluehasia, Aug 10, 2012.

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    just wondering how old some poeple maps/world been running. mine has been running for about a year with are 1.8 map still and a 1.2 map also.

    my server next Friday under much complaints but think its best to do map reset...things for me are old and stale for the world. and yes saving some stuff with world edit
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    How many days have past on the world? If you have something like cjb mods you can use that to see the days past But if you can't find out then my plugin McServerStats has a stats that reads off the world to see how many days past
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    wait what? im server admin/owner for my server i know how many days have passed. just asking every one else to see how long they have had there server running and what out there is maybe the longest running world
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    I would just e incredibly interested to know how many Minecraft days have passed on your world which my plugin could calculate or even easier you could use something like cjb mods To see how many days have past not real days but for you server map to be 1 year old a hell of a lot of days would of past 0.o
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    well its not hard i just look at my email of saying when account was created with my hosting company. your kind of getting off topic by pushing your plugin on me
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    I would leave it there but you still don't get me. I ment how many in game minecraft days had past on your server not real life days, not the amount of days past on your server, the days past are stored on your world and the client can see how many days past for example this mod under the more info section you can have the amount of days past shown, on my server it use to be like 1000 but if you have had the same map for one year i would be intrested to see howmany days have past as it must be cl massive more then virtually any server but saying real life days isn't as accurate is in game days for comparing so I was saying that you could use the cjb mods to find out the days and that my plugin also tells you. I don't know how else you can easily find out but if the is one then someone comment below sorry for commenting but you got the wrong idea of what i ment and iwasnt pushing a plugin to you i was saying that it can show you how many in game days past.
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    My main world hasn't been deleted since the inception of my server - April 2011. It takes up 20GB~ odd on the disk, and surprisingly, has never been corrupted.
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    4.54 billion years
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    We reset our world on the larger Minecraft updates. Our currently world is about half a year old, our last one was even more.
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