How Much Ram Does My Minecraft Server Need?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xxlewbo2000xX, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm soon hoping to be hosting a 24/7 mine craft server but i don't know how much ram i need i will have max 20 players and about 20 plugins will 2g of ram do? If Not what stuff e.g amount of players and plugins can i run with 2g? Thanks For your help.
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    From my experience, if your plugins are small they should be ok with 20 slots and 2GB RAM. I run 40 slots and 52 plugins on 3GB of RAM. To date, I have yet to have an "Out of memory" error. Knock on wood...
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    Yes, no problem. I had 30 players on the other day with 1GB. I run 22 plugins or so.
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    Would it lag with 2g of ram?
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    Should be fine. My own server have 4gb ram with 20-30 people in the weekends and i'm not even going through 1.5gb with 38 plugins.
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    Thanks For The Help.
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