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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Philitup321, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Hello. I have a bukkit server, and I want to get it hosted. I was wondering. About how many players slots could there be on a server with : 250mb, 500mb, and 1gb of Ram.
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    300MB for bukkit (So you want upwards of 500mb or you'll get reaall cushy) plus 50-100mb per player, as a rule of thumb.

    Depends how close your players are to each other though, and on your plugins, and how many worlds you have loaded/running...
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    I assume this is a VPS? Keep in mind that you will have a very hard time running Minecraft if it's a OpenVZ VPS.

    If it's a Xen or KVM VPS, then budget at least 50MB for the OS. If you want to run MySQL, you'll need to set aside more RAM for that.
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    To be quite honest, with the Sheep (1GB plan) you'll probably be able to hold 10-15 realistically with Craftbukkit 1.4.2 and 10~ plugins. Then when it starts lagging you'll either upgrade, or complain to the host why it's lagging when it's not even their fault ;)
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    It all depends, how well you optimize, the plugins you're using, etc. You have to take everything into account and then measure how much memory you think each player would require while connected.
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    Ok, then any server hosting suggestions? I would really like to stay under $10
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    Ok thx. I will look at that.
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    ExodusHosting is not a good Minecraft server, host, they have lots of downtime, and horrible support. My node was down(According to THEIR website) for 3 days, I sent a support ticket the second, they got back to me the day after it was back online and they said: "I do not see a problem with your node, it might be your internet connection". Put closer to $15 into it a month if you want a good host, I would suggest MPServ.
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