How many of you have actually used the 1.7 chat features in your plugins?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Ronbo, Dec 26, 2013.

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    I know that a lot more has become possible with all the JSON chat stuff, but have any of you guys actually used it extensively in a plugin, or is it still kind of a "that's cool but I won't use it" thing?
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    Mostly just the server list stuff (like the icon, 2-line MOTD, and hover text), but I plan to make something cool with the JSON chat things.
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    chasechocolate Can things like in game text, other than in chat box be achieved or is still still only available by other ways like client modding?
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    If anyone knows knows how to use these new 1.7 chat features, please hit me up =)
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    Aqgorn not that I know of besides the chat box, scoreboard, boss health bar, and the text above your hotbar when you hold an item.
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    Never heard of it before :D Any jdocs please? :D
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    chasechocolate Trying to find better ways to do announcements than chat box, the more customization available the better in my opinion, like if creating new/manipulating achievements to do announcements etc would be nice.
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    Who knows this Little GUI when Hovering with the mouse over an Achieviment ??

    Please PM me if you do.
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    chasechocolate Making a little something using that, helps lots! Just hope that minecraft will use a similar system to Call of Duty 4 where customised classes etc were automatically downloaded to the client :p
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    Actually I was trying to use some of these things for our custom chat plugin. But I didn't yet figure out how to send the player the json objects. player.sendRawMessage() doesn't seem to work as expected. Any advice how to actually make use of it?
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