How fast would a server crash if I were to do this?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cjbh1996, Sep 10, 2011.

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    What if I created a Craftbukkit server with all the essential plugins (CommandBook, WorldEdit, Permissions, etc.) and just gave everyone admin privileges, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. I kinda want to do this. How long do you reckon it'd take before everyone realizes they're all admins and chaos starts? I really want to do this and have the console displayed through a video stream for people to watch. Maybe even join the server themselves. Are there any risks?
  2. Only corrupt files i.e worlds etc... There are no direct implacations on your computer, i dont think.
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    If your server is good enough, nothing will happen to it but players will probably end up crashing their own clients. If you don't have enough ram allocated to the server it could run out of memory and crash, but that's about it.
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    if team avo gets on ill give it 2 min
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    It will last until someone figures out he could just turn off the server or ban everyone else.

    Crashing the server is also rather easy with WorldEdit.
    Select a large region: //set tnt :)
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    Team Avo? What is that some little band of crooks that go around crashing servers?
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    lol, that depends on the number of people.

    all it takes is 1 person with the knowledge of a Bukkit server, and some plugins. (World Edit)
    it also depends if that person is nice or not.

    this would be really fun to test.
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    Yeah I think I'm going to.
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    So kinda like a Minecraft social experiment? I don't think there are any real risks.. Although the world might get ruined!
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    i wanna join it when will u start? i don't wanna chask the server btw just wanna be admin of a server :D
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    I'm not sure when I can start, I'm a bit busy. Maybe I'll start it today, who knows. All I know is that I'm definitely going to do this.
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    Yeah, this! @cjbh1996 You may want to skip WorldEdit to make it last longer. :D
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    Or just restrict TNT from WorldEdit. Still, users could cause lag with just editing blocks. But without WorldEdit, what makes people excited to be an admin?
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    TNT works a lot better in 1.8 pre-release, so you can wait for 1.8 bukkit.

    Just make sure, you restrict /stop, /ban and /kick commands or else it will be too fast.

    It sounds like very interesting experiment. What about restricting invisibility plugin to yourself only and teleporting to random players and recording them? That would make for interesting video.
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    I'd use a Superperms plugin to handle permissions instead of giving players op, so they aren't GENUINELY admin but they have admin permissions, or at least what I call admin.
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    This happened a while ago on lostcraft (cept a rouge mod did it as sabotage), basically it took the smart people 5 minutes to realize it, they did things like give themselves lots of money and kept it low profile, after like an hour it leaked and people started banning each other, all the mods got banned and me and a friend were on there doing announcements about the choas and unbanning each other and the mods as we got banned, it was fun but it was sheer chaos.

    tldr version : its fun and we ended up with 10 mil dollars in the end lol
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    Team Evo... How cute.... I've had one up for months and nothing... so go for it, it is no big deal....
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    Meh go for it but if a malicious guy gets worldedit there are 10000000000
    Different ways to crash the server.
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