How does craftbukkit work ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DirtyAxe, Jul 2, 2016.

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    I am currently writing a craftbukkit plugin , and i had a question about how it work ? I mean i have the main class and the event handler , does it create one scope for each server ? or for each world ? or does it create multiple scopes ? and if it does , how can i store data between scopes , so that every event can access it ?
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    It's one scope for the entire server.
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    Fairly simple, it goes through the jars, gets plugin.yml, stores the data, makes only one instance of the plugin and stores it with the data. And when a plugin gets unloaded looks into that data, unregisters everything, calls onDisable, cancels all tasks, then removes all previously stored data. Have look at the source code as it is the best explanation. On Spigot.
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    This made my bad day slightly less bad :)
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    But on a more serious note...
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    Well, I got ninja'd, by a day. Sorry, but seriously,
    @ArsenArsen is right. Other than right now you cant really look at the source.
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