How do I see the build #?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Luk, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I've been running over many many build # for which plugins are made for.

    The main thread about downloading bukkit just contains "craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT" without any build #.

    Is there any page to see the actual number of the current build?
    @Admins: You probably have to make it more obvious, because I wasn't able to see it :- /

    Thanks for any support!
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    ^ I have see multiple posts asking this same question... Could someone point us in the right direction here?
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    as far as i can tell there is none i tell you what they could do is provide a text file with the download stating the build Number and the most recent changes. that way it wont effect craftbukkit or bukit its self and help the testers and devs to keep things more organized.
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    i figured it out... it ISN'T shown anywhere or in any file.. u have to go to their continuous integration server at:
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    Thanks for figuring it out!
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    Yes but plugin devs need to tell you what build # their plugin works with.
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    So far I have to manually keep track.

    I go here, and look for the latest build. If there is a new build, I click the download link which downloads the latest build.

    Then if I want to see what the changes were, I go here and click the build number, then the changes tab to see what has changed. Do the same thing for Bukkit if you're a plugin dev.
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    There needs to be a better (simpler?) way to navigate the repository in order to downgrade. I've yet to be able to find a way to do this without saving each build and renaming it to it's corresponding build number.
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    Personally, I'd rather see them give us a "Nightly Build" link - which links to a single build. I love getting new builds multiple times per day, but I can see this making it difficult for plugin devs to keep on top of all the changes for people like me who always run the latest build (if a new build comes out that changes the API for plugins, it means all plugin devs have to rush to fix it, and if they change it multiple times per day, it could mean multiple updates per day for plugin devs who are on top of the changes).

    I take the approach that if I'm going to run the latest build, I have to accept that I will have plugins that sometimes stop. Either that or I find a way to manage running an older build myself. I don't think running older builds is something the devs at bukkit should encourage as they get lots of support requests for older builds. The only bug requests they should respond to are bugs that are verified against the latest builds.
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    You've hit the nail on the head TnT. If you look at the builds, it's being updated so often that nobody could realistically keep on top of it. This is keeping most plugin modders on edge, because they are constantly having to read through the recompile to see if they need to rebuild their plugins to match. This is causing havoc.

    I understand the bukkit team is under huge pressure because there is no viable SMP build other than vanilla right now, and I dare to estimate the number of SMPs out there. The only option admin have at this point is to run a rolledback 1.1_02 and craft a test server for bukkit (if they have the capability of two servers.) I nonetheless applaud the gents herein for their hard work to give all of us something to further enjoyment of MC.

    At this time, I believe the best approach for server admins is to just maintain the 1.1_02 version and hang back until bukkit is finished.
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    All depends on how much you like bleeding edge software. ;)
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    I second the nightly build option :)
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    You can find both bukkit and craftbukkit versions using /version if you're OP or just version on the server console.
    I'm sorry for the grave digging, If I recall correctly all I did was look in the recent posts and responded.. anyways sorry. Won't happen again.
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    Seriously @Redyz ? This post was over 6 months old and answered already.
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