How do I place custom temples/structures when generating new chunks?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ElkTF2, Feb 22, 2020.

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    I want to make a custom temple that spawns in chunks similarly to how monster spawners do.

    How would I make a custom temple, how would I make it spawn, and how could I make it have chests that take from a loot table to fill randomly?
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    If you want to add this to a default world generation, use a WorldCreator and then get the chunk generator and add your custom BlockPopulator (I believe you can do that). In your BlockPopulator is where, using a percentage chance, you generate the temple. BlockPopulators can be buggy and sometimes stall the generation and will crash the server while generating. I forget why. This has been a crash course
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    I can't find anything about how to create a custom blockpopulator online, I can only find how to use premade ones (trees, ore, etc). Do you know of any examples I can look at on how to create one?
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    @ElkTF2 I didn’t use a blockpopulator when generating my structures. Here’s my explanation/code
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