Question How do I make sign warps instead of chat commands

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by shadg22, Sep 1, 2018.

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    I want players on my server to be able to go to places using warp signs, preferably, only if they are a certain level. For eg.. Players that are Level1 only get acess to warp toSkeleton, Zombie, Spider grinder, Level2 get to go to blaze, etc.. etc..

    My server has ranks instead of levels, using group manager.

    I dont want them to be able to just do /warp skeletongrinder for example, I want them to have to use the signs. How would I set this up with Group Manager?
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    Im assuming that you already have essentials and PEX and that you have the permissions node(s) for Level 1, 2, etc. With essentials it comes with warp signs. Simply in the sign have the first line say [WARP] , with the brackets, the second line be "WARPNAME" , without the qoutes, and the 3rd line being the permission node, OR "Everyone" to allow any user to use it!
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