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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by svartkatt, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Ok hey I am manager of an server and the rank default and builder dosnet have /bal /baltop /balance or /money and ive done this.

    /mangaddp default essentials.bal
    ive remoeved the command added it ive done essentials.balance and added it and
    none works.
    Ive went in the plugins folder removed it form there saved the file restarted server and got back in didnt work as expected, and i readded it restarted agian the couldent do /money or /baltop or /bal.
    And when the default rank does it says You dont have permission to that command!

    So please help me with this problem
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    No errors?
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    And when the default rank does it says You dont have permission to that command!

    it only says that
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    and wtf is that supost 2 mean and how is that gonna help me how do i add the balance so it dosent get the message saying they dont have the command, even to in /help it says they do?
    ive still added it and i said it in the text it dosent work!!!!!!
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    I told you. Add "essentials.balance" instead of "essentials.bal"
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    Can you provide a list of all plugins you installed?
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    idk how 2 do that i got about 63 plugins
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @svartkatt You run /plugins in the console and copy paste the output of it here
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    [11:37:23 INFO]: Plugins (63): PandorraBounty, Beast-XpWithDraw, RandomPackage, ColoredSigns, AdvancedAdmin, GroupManager, PlaceholderAPI, Buycraft, Item_Stacker, TnTFill, CommandSpy, RenamePlus, DeluxeTags, Frozen, TradePlus, TagsGUI, DropEdit, GlitchPatcher, LavaSponge, Tablist, StaffPlus, Coupons, CratesPlus, FixFreecam, WorldEdit, HealthBar, Skript, CustomList, AnimatedScoreboard, ClearLag, SetSpawn, SkQuery, CosmicVaults, ProtocolLib, Wither, BlowableObsidians, PAC, CommandCooldown, mcMMO, KOTH, Vault, HolographicDisplays, WorldGuard, AuctionHouse, MobStacker, PlayerVaults, ToolStats, WithdrawAdvanced, Essentials, Banknotes, LiteBans, RedeemMCMMO, KitAdder, RazSignShop, Vouchers, EssentialsChat, Factions, FactionsTop, MonthlyCrates, LinkItem, RandomTP, SilkSpawners, CombatTagPlus

    I aslo got another weird problem When i do /f join warzone OR /f join safezone it says this

    players may only join normal factions. This is a system faction.
    but i am op
    so i should be able 2 do it ive tryed everything please help me with that 2 C:

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    You cant join SafeZone, WarZone, or Wilderness. You have to create your own faction using /f create <name>.
    Did you add "essentials.balance" instead of "essentials.bal"?
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    yea but why not then how can i set flags for warzone or safezone and no it dosnet help 2 do bal or balance
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