Problem/Bug How do i disable the /spawn command?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by detjumb, Sep 12, 2015.

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    Hello everyone.
    First things first, i'm using permissionsex as permissions plugin and i have essentials (and the basic modules) too.
    I don't think the other plugins are causing problems but here's the list:
    I want to disable all the commands for the new players so they have to click on a sign to teleport them to the spawn and set their group to the member group (done with simplecommandsigns and modules. The default grup, as the name says, is the default). I have already disabled all the commands but i'm not having success with the /spawn command. The permission node should be essentials.spawn. In the permissions.yml file i've added the line " - -essentials.spawn" under "permissions:" with all the other nodes but this is not working. I also have disabled all the bukkit commands using " - -bukkit.*".
    Any suggestion?
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    Use a command blocker plugin
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    @detjumb Shouldn't it be "- -essentials.spawn" not "- -essentials.yml"?
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    Yes, @detjumb Just give the permission "-essentials.spawn" to the group you want and they won't be able to do /spawn.
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    @wowzersam @oceantheskatr yeah i made a mistake, in the config file there is the right permission node ("-essentials.spawn"). This btw didn't stop the default group to use the spawn command
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    So you'd make it "- -essentials.spawn" so that they can't run the command.
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    @oceantheskatr the problem is that they can run the command even with the "- -essentials.spawn"
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    With "- - essentials.spawn" no?
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    No, it's "- -essentials.spawn"

    @detjumb Can you please put your permissions file on and link the URL here?
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    The fakeuser is the one i use to test the default group. With it i can still perform the /spawn command
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    Okay, well your permissions.yml looks fine spawn-wise.

    This right here is incorrect though:
        - essentials.(pay|sell|worth|rules)
    It should be like this:
       - essentials.sell
       - essentials.worth
       - essentials.rules
    Could you list your plugins?

    Also, why did you censor the UUID? You do know that it's just a unique set of numbers to identify a player. It's no more special or secretive than a player's username. The only difference is that the UUID stays the same when the playername changes, and that's so that they don't loose their data when their username changes (like inventory, enderchest, last login location, money, claims (if using Factions, Towny, PlotMe, etc.) and also if you look up my Minecraft username (0ce, that's zero C E) on this site: then you can see my UUID.
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