Question How do I decompile, edit and then recompile a bukkit jar?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Copyright2017, Nov 12, 2017.

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    Probably a forbidden question around here. but just for fun I'm looking to add in the missing methods for getHitBlock() and getHitEntity() into craftbukkit-1.8.

    Just humor me, what is the correct way to import the source (from jdgui) into eclipse and then what is the correct way to export it. I tried a few times but it always gave me a manifest file error when actually trying to run the file.


    P.S For anyone interested, I have implemented the methods into the 1.8 api seamlessly and they work perfectly. Using the same technique I will be adding anything else I come across that seems like it needs help.

    I have also been noticing that the 1.8 api had alot of work still left to do on it... and seeing as most users still prefer 1.8 maybe we can get an update from the devs?

    Update: Added some more methods. for example the Bukkit.getEntity() method and also customized the damage events to call just one event instead of trying to compare both :p
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    There is plenty of reasons to use the updated jar. However there are even more reasons to go with 1.8. The biggest being playerbase. Yes you can fix some of the bad things like attack speed and what not but the fact still stands that over 70 some-odd percent of minecrafters still use 1.8.9

    Anyway, for now I'm just compiling the classes in eclipse then directly injecting the modified/new classes into the jar. I would still like to know the correct way of importing the thing if anyone knows????
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