Question How do I bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Terraquis, May 17, 2015.

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    Being really stupid here. I've been out of the Minecraft server scene for about a year or so now, and recently wanted to come back a little bit. However, all the old places I used to download Bukkit builds seem to be gone and when I search on the forums for an answer, I find a lot of links, none of which work.

    Where can I find the builds?

    Just read the thread about the termination of the Bukkit project. I guess that answers my question. I'm so sad to see it end though. :'(
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    Ask a friend if he still has a craftbukkit.jar. The plugins are all still there.
  3. @Terraquis If you want to access Bukkit, the API used by developers to make plugins, you can use the maven repository. If you want CraftBukkit, and don't want to break the law, then I don't feel I can recommend anything.

    I would suggest waiting for a reliable alternative :)
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  5. @oceantheskatr This is not Bukkit. This is something else falsely labelling itself as such.
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    I know. In many of my other posts I will say that they can get "Craftbukkit" or Spigot there. I put Craftbukkit in quotation marks as it is actually made by Spigot (or something like that?) now. Regardless, that is where they will be able to get a 1.8+ jar that works.
  7. @oceantheskatr If they're looking for an alternative to Bukkit (including but not limited to Spigot made versions) then this is the wrong section for it ;)
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    @AdamQpzm Yes, they should be posting in General Help but so many posts that should be there are posted here xD However Spigot kinda handles the 1.8+ scene, and though they were looking for where they can download Craftbukkit now, Spigot is where you've gotta go. (Or Spigot's "Craftbukkit")
  9. @oceantheskatr Threads that are in the wrong section get moved. Don't assume that they're just posting in the wrong section :p
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    @AdamQpzm Ahh, I don't think I read your previous statement correctly :p (had just woken up at the time)

    Anyways, I'm sure OP has gotten the answer on where to get 1.8+ "Craftbukkit" ;)
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