how could I make this possible?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by xize, Sep 15, 2014.

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    I'm wondering how is this being done?

    lets say I want a cross platform plugin working on all kind of custom servers.

    how can I make it so that the server knows which package it should choose containing the correct codes for that server at runtime?

    I know we don't support unofficial builds or that was in the past I'm slightly confused there, so lets not talk about that, I more want to understand the technical part of making it cross compatible if its possible of course.

    thanks :)
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    Have you tried BungeeCord? Or MultiWorld?
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    thats not needed, I'm more trying to get compat on more server frameworks but with the idea it still could fall back to bukkit.

    so I actually thought about this situation:

    server starts, server looks to plugins or mods:

    my plugin tries to detect the origin what kind of server openned it and from there load the main class for that server (this may not work because it may already gives a exception).

    so if bukkit tries to launch my plugin it gets proxied or transfered to a package tv.mineinthebox.bukkit.someplugin when its a other known server mod it loads a other class from a other package tv.mineinthebox.servermod.someplugin basicly I want to shade all those packages as in one and when the server starts it picks the correct classes based on the package and server mod namings.

    I think that would be hard:p
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    xize Unofficial builds are not supported. And this is probably too complicated for you (offence not intended).
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