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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by leet4044, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Okay, so if any of you have player CS:GO. When the terrorist plant the bomb in competitive. The timer before it will explode is about 45 seconds. Well, while that counter counts down, the (ticking/beeping) of the bomb speeds up in tempo and speed. How could I do the same effect?
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    Create a Bomb that has a method that plays the ticking noise based on its attributes, tempo and speed. Just increase the tempo and speed every time the counter counts down.
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    You could have two separate counters. One that counts down at a interval of one second and the other the counts down a lets say 1/4 a second. Once the first one reaches 3 seconds start the second timer (the 1/4 a second one). Also when you switch over to the second timer remove the sound playing code from the last three seconds of the first timer and put it into the second timer. Still have the first one counting down so you know when to end both timers.

    Kinda like this

    (each number is a count down filter in the real code EX: 5. means if(number == 5) {})
    5. play sound, subtract 1
    4. play sound, subtract 1
    3. start second timer, subtract 1
    2. subtract 1
    1. end second timer, end first timer
    every 1/4 a second. Play sound
    I think that was what you were asking for, right?
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    ASHninja1997 Wow, didn't even think of that. I'll def try it.
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