How can I view a code from plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mydream, Apr 12, 2014.

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    My question is: Is it possible and how can I view the code from a plugin?
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    Edit: If you're asking how you can view a plugin's source, you can either use the Github/Bitbucket/whatever repository (if the developer has one and has made it public), or you can decompile it using an external program (just do a Google search for Java decompiler). Just realize that if it has an ARR license, then you can't legally use anything from the code; you can only use it for educational purposes.
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    If the developer has put the code on a service such as Github, you can Google it or look on the plugin's Bukkit page and you should find it. If not, you can decompile it, but that can cause some legal trouble.
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    If you're looking to learn, then use jd-gui (Look it up) but if you are just going to copy + paste code, please don't.
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    You can use any Java decompiler to view the source code. But before that, google search to check if that plugin is open source.
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