How can I stop mobs spawning in a region?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nercoe, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Basically, how can I stop mobs from spawning in my town region, I used Worldguard to set the region. Is there a plugin or command that can help me do this? Will rep+ :)
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    look into the worldgaurd wiki
    /region flag <id> <flag> [<value>]
    /region flag nameofregaion mob-spawning deny
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    Thank you very much! ++
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    not a problem now i have to go deal with my server problems
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    I did that and it didn't work...
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    how is the command for an whole world if there is one?
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    Depends which plugin your using. for multiverse it's /mvm set difficulty peaceful <World>

    If your not using any plugin, set the difficulty in
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    just deny mob-spawning in your server properties
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    Horrible necro-post. Please refrain from bringing old threads back to life.
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    lol yeah didn't realise how old it was :p
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    CrazedLobster :
    For me WorldGuard region flag mob-spawning deny worked, I selected a village and all the villagers disappeared on server restart :( So it works :) But I have to say, it does not deny the entities to enter that region, so if you meet a zombie (for ex.) in that region it doesn't means the mob-spawning is not denied, just a zombie walked into the region from outside. I think "entity" flag is for that somehow but i didn't look at it.
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