How can I fix my Minecraft Bukkit Server Lag?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KatanaGamesHD, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Hello there! My name is Kevin and I'm 13 years old who run a 1 month old Minecraft bukkit server. Please do not answer my questions until you read the whole thing or it will tick me off. :(

    Anyways, let's get to the topic. Back when I first opened up my server, everything was going great. There was no lag at all, no server problem, and stuff like that. My server TPS is like 20 and it was going all so great. Here is some of my PC specs:

    - 6GB-8GB RAM.
    - Intel i7 Processor with a 3.0GHz.
    - 800GB Hard Drive
    - Super duper strong internet connection
    - Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit system.
    - All my java are up to date and I run a Java OS 64 bit runtime.

    So that's my PC Information. So one day, since my server is a faction PVP, I decided to get a plugin called "SecureLoginPVP". There will be a bug where whenever I do /stop on console or in-game, it will start stopping the server and everything is disabled except for SecureLoginPVP. It gets stuck like that which makes me mad and I force myself to close the console and then sometimes, it never saves my server but I do have a auto-save plugin. It has been repeating like that until 4-6 days ago, I got so mad that I decided to do /save-all on my server and then stop the server. I was glad that it finally stopped the server but when I finally opened it back up, my Minecraft server started to lag as crap! The average server TPS went down from 20 to an average of 14-19. Here's some things I tried:

    I tried to close all other applications.
    Make sure my PC is in a right cooling place.
    On high perfomance.
    All plugins are up to date.
    All my java is up to date.
    Made sure that there is no man-made lava or fire in game and not too much redstone.
    My server does not use command blocks.
    My server render distance is at 8 and it will not help if I decrease it.
    My server allocation used to use 3GB of RAM but I decreased it by 2GB.
    RAM Disk was not really helpful.
    I started to run a Anti-Virus, Disk Cleanup, and Disk Management.
    I used a RAM Cleaner.
    My server does not use a lot of plugins and my server average is 4-12.

    Well, there is my problem. Please help me this problem and if you can help me fix it, then thank you so much!

    NOTE: I do have a server knowledge and that you are not allowed to use /reload or /save-all as it can cause major server lag each time you do it. I was forced to use /save-all by accident and I regretted it. Please help me. I'll do anything. :'(
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    Your performance bottle neck is most probably your home internet connection. That connection was not made, and is not sold, for running servers.

    And if that one plugin is giving you such a headache, it's probably time to ditch it.

    /reload is indeed a bad idea, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with /save-all, and it shouldn't cause any lag whatsoever, unless your setup is underpowered. Our server does periodic /save-all every 5 minutes, no player ever even noticed anything.
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    Try to find a QoS option in your router, and set port 25565 as the highest priority.
    However, if someone is using something like BitTorrent, there will still be a decreased performance.
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