Question How are Servers Like Mineplex Still Up?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by daburger17, Feb 22, 2015.

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    How are bukkit servers like mineplex still up? I was planning on making one but now I can't Does this mean that Mineplex won't be able to update?
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    They use Spigot, which does still release new versions. You'll have to compile it yourself though.
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    If they had a copy of the 1.7.10 jar file, then they could keep using it. If the 1990's ultima online game pattern holds, some people will still be playing 1.6.1, 1.4.5, and 1.7.10 in 2025. I think it is illegal to distribute 1.7.10 but it seems like there is some link somewhere which has a legal version (beta download or something like that).

    If they are on 1.8, they are using Spigot (about 31k servers use spigot 1.8 now) and plugins compiled for Spigot 1.8. They have programmers who updated their custom plugins.

    As Zander says, you compile your own jar file now (for legal reasons). It takes about 10 minutes (first time) to set up and about 10 minutes to run each time. You click a batch file and it updates the source code and compiles a jar file which you may not legally distribute. You have all the code on your own machine (which makes it easy to set up Eclipse and do some of your own plugins which was exciting.).

    Our server has been on 1.8 since early january. We've had one crash since then*. I update the server weekly.

    *(Not counting me crashing the server with million block worldedits. ;) )
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