How about disenchant items?

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    Suggested name: Disenchant you tools!

    A bit about me: I'm a normal mc player ;P

    What I want:
    So I actually can't find anything out about disenchant items in minecraft, only a few tricks which got patched in 1.2.4 oder 1.2.5.
    It is really hard to get three and also good enchantments.
    I'm really tired of farming 500 diamonds to craft new tools, to get another crap enchantment
    So I thought about a for example chest with a sign above to disenchant tools.
    Also I thought about paying for the disenchant with a kind of material or money (iconomy?)
    Would be great if someone could create such a nice plugin :3

    Ideas for commands: No commands only the sign/chest based method

    Ideas for permissions: disenchant.createchest, disenchant.usechest

    When I'd like it by: Don't know.. if someone want to make it or have time :O

    Similar plugin requests: None.
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