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    I am looking for a hotel plugin that willl be difficult if not already to make. What I am asking for this plugin to do was to first off just host hotels like /h buy <hotel> <# of days> and it would charge them with the economy plugin being used (iConomy is mine) Now I know that there are some plugins that already do this but this next part is the tricky one that I am asking. What I want is say when a person buys a room
    ****quick note for an example command to set a room could be with like WorldEdit/WorldGuard integration so to prevent griefers and home raiders and like with the WE wand define the region as like Room#1 so the command could be /h setroom <hotel> <name> (example: /h setroom Belagio Room#1)****
    the room that they bought would show in chat first off like:
    ***YOUR ROOM=ROOM#2***
    so they would know which room they got
    and so the trick part was when someone bought that room or if that room is already in use there would be a redstone lamp used like right above the door of that room which showed whether the room was available or closed.
    There is something SOMEWHAT like the redstone lamp idea I am trying to explain like the configuration could be alot like the Casino Slots plugin setup

    I REALLY hope someone can do this plugin for me or find one that does this
    thanks guys
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    good idea.... exactly like mine
  3. Did you notice the date? That user may not need that plugin anymore, why post in a inactive thread
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    With Residence and ResidensSign you can do this everything but the redstone Lamp but the sign says that it is rented and the name of the renter.
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    Yes i did check the date..... I know it has been one month.... so wat? does that mean it cant be a good idea?
  6. Well there's no point of bring up a old thread.
    Since they might not need that plugin anymore Or they might be a inactive User.

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