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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zenergyx3, Apr 10, 2011.

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    I would like to see a mod in which once you open a door and walk through into a defined room + door (a hotel room), you will be charged x amount of iConomy money. The cuboid region can be defined with a particular item.

    You then own that room so you can use the provided functions in there (chest, workbench, furnace, bed) and you can freely enter and leave it for x period of time (maybe permanent residence can be supported too) until your hotel room, when left, becomes locked and items inside it reset to its original state before it was occupied.

    There should also be a way so you can book multiple nights, using a command or a sign maybe. After you use the command or hit the sign, once you walk through the door, you will be charged the amount described for x amount of nights.

    This would appeal to a great number of admins who run city servers like myself, and would be very interesting and useful to have.

    If someone does indeed look into this mod, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
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    i have been searching for this sort of mod for my server for a few weeks now, actually... ever since beds were introduced and the ability to sleep to skip night-time. But this sort of plugin might also be useful for rooms with workbenches, furnaces, cauldrons, and such and make it a pay to use workshop, if you find this sort of plugin, let me know plz.
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    You could use the turnstile plugin and charge with iConomy
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    I COULD, but that would mean every time I wanted to go back into my hotel room, I'd have to pay. And fences look weird for a hotel room door.
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    This would be quite an awesome plugin, and I know id use it.
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    Gotta agree. Setting up a hotel within a town that has been specified for use by guests with the Residence or Faction plugins would be really neat for RPG users. I'd install it.

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